SAMSUNG CSCHi! My name is Katie Thomas, and welcome to my blog.

About me: I graduated from THE Ohio State University in May 2018 with a BS in International Studies, and minors in Spanish, Public Health, and International Business.  I have decided to serve in the Peace Corps post graduation in Zambia as a CHIP volunteer.  The PC description of this position is:

“Through the Community Health Improvement Project (CHIP), Volunteers work at the district and community levels, focusing on improving rural health in the areas of HIV/AIDS awareness, malaria, maternal and child health, food security, and nutrition. Volunteers work to facilitate the formation and training of community based organizations that spearhead the planning, implementation, and sustainable management of community-led intervention in malaria, food security, HIV/AIDS mitigation and management and other community-identified health priorities. The project is implemented under the Ministry of Health and, therefore, the primary contact for the Volunteer is the Rural Health Center and its staff. Volunteers also work with other organizations to mobilize resources for the training and implementation of sustainable health interventions in the above-stated health areas.”

I will be serving in a small community called Nsanja, in the Luwingu District of Northern Province in Zambia.  I hope to use my training to work with the clinic staff and community to enhance heath education and practices in the community, while also engaging in cross-cultural exchange. 🙂

If you have any questions, you can contact me at klaurel97@gmail.com or on my contact page!